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Wellness is about keeping your mind and body as healthy as they can be, and keeping balance in your life.
Here we will post exercise ideas, healthy recipes, and suggestions to help you avoid depression and improve your mental functioning.

Obvious Suggestion of the Week: If you are communications challenged, avoid challenging communications!

Feed the Body, Feed the Brain

We know a lot of you have given up on your kitchen and fallen in love with the deli counter and the drive thru. Its hard to shop, much less cook when you are tired and confused. But nutrition is especially important when your brain chemistry is already out of whack from an injury. On this page we have tips on shopping, nutrition and restaurant dining. 


Emotional Balance

Its true that some of what you are experiencing is depressing. It is also true that the injury itself can cause chemical changes in the brain that trigger changes in your mood. But there are some things you can do to help your brain move toward a healthier emotional balance. Humor, exercise, distraction, positive self-talk, and making connections with others are all part of the puzzle.


Work the Body

The newest research shows that the single biggest factor in treating depression is... you got it, exercise. But a person with brain injury can have many challenges in the kind of exercise they were used to getting before the injury.

Mind Games

How about a little fun and a little mental exercise all at the same time? There are a number of online games and quizzes that are designed to test your memory, speed up your thinking, and maybe even help you with visual tracking and focus. If you are looking for entertainment rather than actual therapy, check out some of the links we've found. (As a fringe benefit, one woman swears she can't be depressed and play a game at the same time, since she lost the ability to multi-task after her injury.)


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